Medical care 2020

Once upon a time, there were these two words, ‘health’ and ‘care.’ The meaning of the two words is obvious, and someone put them together to form one word “healthcare” – the act of looking after your health. In reality, this word means doing things such as eating a varied diet of good foods. Hence, you get all of the vitamins and minerals required.  Then, taking exercise such as long walks, and avoiding doing damaging things like smoking – which, ironically, doctors in the 1950s even claimed could cure asthma. Modern medical care is extremely removed from this, and a trip to the doctors’ surgery or hospital has become more akin to visiting a Moroccan bazaar when the meeting is seen as a sales opportunity to thrust all kinds of items with a commission for the seller your way. How about a blood pressure test? It’s high, oh, these drugs might help – completely ignoring that it’s high because of the bad traffic or long wait you had getting to the Doctor’s surgery. On birth control already? No problem, how about trying this new product instead? Want to go home and be independent after a hospitalisation? No problem Mr/Mrs Jones; we just need to sort out the right care package for you; just sign here. Often, people get stuck on a direct debit of medical care to take for life, rather than dealing with the core premise of their health care. This app is growing so big; it’s taking up all the resources on your smartphone. In the future, it may even store your COVID-19 test pass certificate, too, along with Microsoft’s proposed ID 2020 inoculation history – if there’s space. You may have to show them to be able to even travel, attend a football match or concert, should those things ever open up again.

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