Education 4.18

This app will get you used to the prison mentality and prepare you for your future role as a low-level member of the proletariat in society. Unfortunately, the free version of this app will give you no financial education whatsoever, so that you remain blissfully unaware of what money is and how it works. This is partly because you’re planned to be a consumer of financial products that you don’t understand, to help fund your own future slavery.

There are paid-for versions of this App in most countries that provide a much higher quality experience and will prepare you better for a role in the upper echelons of society, with a high up role in Government 9.11 a possibility. The paid-for versions are extremely expensive. However, the advanced app Education 18.23 has no free option, and everyone must pay for it – over a large number of years, through something called a student loan, issued in fiat currency, and requiring repayment with interest added. Already in life, we find the creation of money as loans, to be repaid with interest added, as the biggest financial manipulation going and the best means of chaining down the slaves early.

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